Top 5 Myths About MMA
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From UFC to PRIDE, this combat sport has taken the world by storm. That said, there’s still a lot of things people get wrong about it. In this episode we’re asking questions like: Are MMA fighters Rich? Should you have sex before a fight? Is it really just human cockfighting? What role does Dana White play in the industry? Is MMA more dangerous than Boxing? and many more. So be on the look out for some need-to-know facts, because this is a title bout you don’t wanna miss.

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  1. There’s a myth that MMA fighters are rich? Who made that assumption. I know there’s money in boxing, but UFC and other MMA promotions do not pay fighters well. How could anyone think different?

  2. As far as MMA being more dangerous than boxing I wish they would of mentioned head kicks. A well-placed headkick is equivalent to taking a baseball bat to the side of the head. You don’t have that in boxing.
    Also, let’s not forget TKOs and late stoppages. You would never would take shots like that, while out, in a boxing match.

  3. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I did not know MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts
    Do not laugh at me
    You did not know either

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