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When your life is constantly in the public eye, there’s bound to be some misconceptions along the way. Rumours about our favourite celebs pop up all over the place but these are the weirdest and most pervasive. We’ll be asking questions like; Was Mr Rogers a sniper? Who was the Gerber Baby? Was Marilyn Monroe a Size 16? Was Lady Gaga born a man? Did Richard Gere shove a Gerbil where the sun doesn’t shine? And many more!

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  1. If Lady has a penor, think am gay for Gaga…

    hey, you forgot that rumor rob steward had to get his stomach pumped in a hospital because had 2 littler of non digested cum inside his belly.

  2. Lol they aren’t even creative with their click bait anymore. This channel is about to die.

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