Top 5 Myths about Extreme Survival Subscribe: // CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! So, you’ve seen shows and movies like the Revenant and Man Vs. Wild and you suddenly think you’re Bear Grylls? Well some of those survival strategies might just get you killed. In this episode of Top 5 Myths we’re asking questions like; Does boiling water make it safe? Does Moss grow on the north side of trees? Should you Swim Parallel to the shore when in a riptide? Do Tourniquets stop heavy bleeding? Should you drink your own pee if you’re thirsty? Sit tight because the truth behind these camping and wilderness myths might just save your life.

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    • myth 1 is wrong, drinking urine does help, as long as you are not yet dehydrated.
      although it is correct that you re-introduce waste back into your body that left it for a reason, not having any water is worse, but as long as you are still hydrated enough you get enough water out of it that it is worth it. however if you are dehydrated and then drink your own urine you get way less water out of it while getting more waste compared to it, and then it is bad.

      so shortly said, if you still have water left, but will probably not find any water soon drink your urine in between you drink your water supply to make it last longer.

  2. #2 is a myth of a myth. 15 years of combat experience in the GWOT terror, the best source of new information on ideas on treating traumatic injuries, has taught that “when in doubt, do apply the tourniquet.” Literally hundreds, if not thousands of lives have been saved because of this. I believe it is because more people have been lost due to underestimating the need to tourniquet, than limbs have been unnecessarily lost due to misapplication.

  3. Well, you feel free to decide if you want to live without an arm because you applied a tourniquet and couldn’t manage to get help within several hours of applying the tourniquet, or die within minutes from blood loss. You need to consider ABC for emergency care. Airway Breathing Circulation. Keeping your injured limb is WAY down the list. If you’re losing blood fast from a limb, a tourniquet applied as high up on the limb as possible and as tight as possible is the 100% correct choice.

  4. Myth: you can survive by eating certain plants. First of all, if you can’t identify what’s edible and what is not there is a risk that you can poison yourself. Second, most wild edibles are nutrition poor. You usually burn more calories in the collection and preparation than you get in return.

  5. There was a great moment on Survivor Man when Les Stroud roasted Bear Grylls.

    He was trying to survive in the desert and he was like “If the dehydration gets bad, I may have to drink my own piss… Yeah right.”

  6. oh man! i was just gonna travel to some god forgotten place and all i rely on was drinking my urine. and with this fact uruined everything 🙁

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