Top 5 IT Fan Theories
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We all theorize down here. From character possibilities, to apocalypse predictions, to Stranger things connections, 2017’s IT has inspired lots of fan theories. WatchMojo ranks the top IT fan theories.

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#5: 2012 Apocalypse
#4: The Losers’ Club Shines
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. Have a terrifying Pennywise not miss but I like see the connection of The Shining and our Stephen King’s Works to it like The Dark Tower or probably the stand Randall Flagg and Pennywise Bellator similar beans

  2. Did you know that at the beginning of It they were adults and the first movie was all told in flashbacks from all their perspectives.

  3. Or or… and get this… Stephan King did a bunch of coke and his stories overlap because he isn’t concerned about continuity and loves coke.

  4. spoilers: in the book the kids section is set in the 50s. Richie pretty much does as when the Losers Club fights It the second time, Bill is unable to keep hold of It long enough to kill It and it’s Richie who steps in and does.

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