Top 5 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Dunkin’ Donuts
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Our mouths are already beginning to water. From its origins, to its random perks, to its popularity internationally, these facts will blow your mind, and give you a craving for coffee. WatchMojo counts down the Top 5 Interesting Dunkin’ Donuts Facts.

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  1. It’s practically a law that, if you’re from New England – and I mean born & bred – you have to love DD. However, I break that law every single day. I don’t like their hot coffee (their French Vanilla is just about the worst thing I’ve ever tasted); their donuts & muffins are undersized, overpriced, and “meh” tasting; and, seriously, who uses LINK sausage in sausage breakfast sandwiches??? About the only things I actually enjoy from them are their Vanilla Bean Coolatas…which, once again, are grossly overpriced.

  2. Their donuts have been TREMENDOUSLY SHRUNKEN, are NEVER made on site, and are MASSIVELY overpriced.

  3. BONUS FACT:  If Dunkin Donuts never existed, then Rhode Island would totally fail and collapse as a state.

  4. BONUS FACT: Dunkin’ Donuts does NOT allow rude loiterers to take up space, reserved for actual customers, in their establishments, even if they’re black or belong to some other minority group, UNLIKE Starbucks.

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