Top 5 Fan Theories of How The Walking Dead World Came to Be
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How do you think The Walking Dead world came to be? Rick and company have been fighting to survive for years, but what forced them into this monstrous world? We’re looking at both the most plausible and original fan theories, such as that it was caused by a fast-acting virus, that recreational drugs went very wrong, or that a simple lab experiment caused it all. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 5 Fan Theories of How The Walking Dead World Came to Be.

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  1. They should put Zombie Make up on him and have him kill one of the big characters.That would be awesome.

  2. What I don’t understand is:    How did slow walking undead “zombie” overrun the world?!?  Did Hillary Clinton win the election in that reality?  Did they remove the Second Amendment & mostly disarm the U.S. along with the rest of the world?  Because a few thousand well armed straight shooters would have been EASILY able to end this crap… FAST.  Heck 10 good guys with the proper equipment and ammo could clear out at least 1000 Walkers an hour.

  3. But none of these theories bring to light the fact every single human being on the planet is infected or that when people die from anything, they become walkers.

  4. That girl on Fear The Walking Dead is not patient zero, whoever came up with that theory is just plain stupid.

  5. Simple question i…the infection takes so long to infect the brain so how cant it be contained when it started?

  6. With everyone complaining that trump did it, give me one plausible theory on how trump could have stared the walkers

    • it isnt plausable at all. the apocalypse starts in 2010 in the show’s universe. and 2003 in the comic universe. trump was elected in 2016

  7. Learning from this video that they’re never going to tell us what actually caused the outbreak of zombies makes me never want to watch the show ever again I’m glad I bootleg the show online all the time and not pay for it. On cable or satellite.. I felt kinda bad fo a min.. now i dont at all!!!

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