Top 5 Facts About Fetishes
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People are becoming more open to the kinks and fetishes of others, but stigmatization still persists. In this episode we’re asking questions like; whats the difference between a fetish and a kink? what’s a food fetish? how specific are fetishes? how many fetishes are there? what is a fetish? Can fetishes harm others? What causes a fetish? and many more!

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  1. I talked to this one guy online who had a thing for having a girl poop in his mouth or pee in his mouth. I asked him how it happened and he said his girlfriend just did it when he was doing oral. Then he just grew to like it. In all honesty it’s kind of fucked up she just did it out of no where.

  2. I agree with this video. I actually have a fetish for women wearing boxing equipment on and I also have another fetish called “ryona”. It basically involves belly punching to the extreme. For example, that episode from Dragonball Z where Videl was tortured by Spopovich in the world tournament. I actually faped to every single scene while watching that that fight….no joke.

  3. I got a foot fetish and I’m proud!!! I used to hide it but I’ve grown to accept who I am. Plus alot more girls than u think r into it too ?

  4. I need to rewatch Prison School, and check out that live action one. Gotta love Alexis Tipton as Hana.

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