Top 5 Facts about Drug Smuggling
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It’s like Breaking Bad and Narcos in reality…or actually maybe it is. In this video we’re asking questions like; Does the DEA arrest a lot of people? Do Drugs hurt the US health care system? would Legalization help the economy? Do more people use cocaine in Columbia? What’s the most popular drug in the world? and many more. So sit tight, and stay sober.

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  1. If it wasnt illegal they would have to spend a dime trying to stop it
    Weed only became illegal and stigmatized by our government because if the paper wood and pulp industry was just getting started and knew hemp was and financial threat so they eliminated it as competition
    Also befor they made it illegal most of these drugs were sold as medicine
    What gives them the right to pick and choose what people can do on their own time is beyond me
    They learned nothing from the effect prohabition had on alcohol sales and consumption
    But maybethis is what they want having sone things banned it makes open the opportunity for the government to use more tax money to pay more of its people to do jobs they made possible by banning the shit in the first place

  2. #1 fact if you gonna smuggle drugs. You have to pay your taxes on them first. CIA isn’t gonna let you slang dope on there corner with out paying them thier cut son

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