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While they roll back the prices, we’re peeling off the deceit. In this episode of Top 5 facts, we’ll be looking at some of the shadier dealings of Wal-Mart Stores, and highlighting some of their less than desirable controversies throughout the years. We’ll be asking questions like What impact does Walmart have on small businesses? Do they underpay their staff? What have they done to discriminate against the elderly and disabled? Is it true that they discourage emergency calls? How do they combat efforts to unionize their staff? and many more.

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  2. To some degree, this is the fault of the customers. If the consumers went to the mom-and-pop stores, even if it cost a little more, rather than Wal-Mart, the Wal-Mart effect wouldn’t happen. BTW I boycotted Wal-Mart *before* it was cool!

  3. i dont like shopping at walmart they have horrible stuff also i did work for walmart too i hated the shit out of them they forgot that i only signed up for a part time job then they made me work longer hours

  4. We only get a 10% discount you get that at Kroger and you don’t even have to work there

  5. And they also have all the white workers do all the work while the black and Latino walk around on their cellphones and sleep in there cars, I was there 8 years and it was a daily thing

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