These are the top 3 things you missed in the trailer for director Andy Muschietti’s “It Chapter Two”. The Losers Club didn’t stop Pennywise the first time around, but they won’t make the same mistake twice… and you might not have wanted to make the mistake of stopping the trailer. Luckily, WatchMojo is here to look at all the easter eggs, subtle references, callbacks, and other small details you might not have picked up on in the final trailer for “It Chapter Two”. What are you most excited for from this highly-anticipated horror sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. in the trailer, it shows the reunion of the losers and it shows a chair for stan. i noticed that. anybody else?

  2. um no…they were already motivated by Mike to come to Derry, they learn of Stan’s death later in the book and mini-series

  3. i’m excited to see if my theory that when they start hallucinating they find out about its back story and watch him form into pennywise is true

    • @Mekhi Amos yeah I just mean that maybe it felt better to do it himself, rather than getting chomped

    • He does give It the satisfaction because he was affected so much that he would rather die than face It again.

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