We hope you have a strong ability to resist the cringe— these are some of the worst acting performances ever committed to film. These include great actors turning in the most cringeworthy performances of their careers, like Dennis Hopper in Super Mario Bros., Halle Berry in Catwoman, or John Travolta in Battlefield Earth. They also include actors who are known for, well, their lack of acting skills, like Tommy Wiseau in The Room, Taylor Lautner in Abduction, or Jennifer Lopez in Gigli. Watch with your face firmly planted in your palm as we count down the worst acting of all time. Which performance do you think is the worst? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Wow I honestly did not expect to see so many people defending Hayden Christensen in the comments (pls don’t come for me I’m not hating on him)

  2. Not gonna lie, Arnie’s performance in Batman and Robin is one of the main reasons I enjoy the movie. Also I, like many others, really liked Hayden on Revenge of the Sith. Attack of the Clones was a bit cringey at times but, and I know others have said this as well, it wasn’t entirely his fault. I do still enjoy Attack of the Clones though. 😛

  3. Hayden Christensen had a terrible script to work with in attack of the clones, and when ROTS came around and he actually had a good script he played evil Anakin perfectly.

  4. Hayden wasn’t all that bad and I think history will be kinder to him. It was his interpretation of the Anakin character within the framework of the screenplay. And the director must have been satisfied with it.

  5. Hayden played his character the way it was intended to be played. An emotionally disconnected and confused man. He did a great job.

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