These movies had all the expectations, but ultimately let us down in the theatre. We’ll be taking a look at the trailers that were way better than the movie. From Watchmen to Prometheus, Terminator Salvation to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, these movies totally destroyed all expectations we had going into our initial screenings. What movie did you think was most disappointing?

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  1. You lost all credibility when you put Battle Los Angeles and Prometheus on this list both were great movies.

  2. Why wasn’t justice league on this list because the trailer was way better than actual movie

  3. I admit MAN OF STEEL wasn’t the best Superman flick but I actually like it not loved but im confused peoples biggest gripe was “It Had Too Much Action” and Superman destroyed Matropolis during the fight scene In a movie with fighting Super People. The WILD WEST also was fantastic but it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be and Will Doing a song for the movie makes sense seeing as tho is was Hip Hop first and the song is pretty sweet so you gotta give credit where credit due and what was wrong with 2012?

  4. Battle: Los Angeles was a huge let down, looked so good before it came out. Turned out it was a glorified marine recruitment video instead of an awesome action flick.

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