The mask maketh the serial killer. So here we are counting down Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks of all time! When these creepy killers appear on the screen with these masks on, you can’t help but reel in terror! We’re talking Frankenstein Mask, Wax Mask, Ghostface Killer Mask, Babyface Mask, Surgical mask, Jason’s Mask. SO MANY MASKS. Which Mask is you favorite?

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  1. Michael Myers mask should’ve been number 1 over Friday the 13th since not only did it come first but was also more original and received a more positive review than the god awful Friday the 13th movies

  2. Leatherface should be number one cause that movie started horror in 74. Halloween came second and Jason came 3rd

  3. I loved the mask from The Girl in the Photographs, if you make a part 2 of this, maybe consider this one

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