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With so many awkward moments in live television history, we couldn’t limit this list to just 10. We’ll be looking at the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, and downright shocking incidents captured on live TV. We still can’t believe these actually happened! WatchMojo ranks the most awkward moments in live television history. Which live TV moment made you super uncomfortable? Let us know in the comments!

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    • You actually put breasts at number one place. Every women has breasts. Even your mom.
      Did you forget Fergie singing Marilyn Monroe style?

    • Watchmojo why are you just recycling old top 10s and making them top 20s. There ate plenty of original ideas. Who works there?

  1. Before I even watched the video I was thinking *F+CK IT I QUIT!* was going to be number one, I will settle for number two, I guess.

  2. Billy Bob Thornton being rude and antagonistic to the now-disgraced Jian Ghomeshi and of course Dan Marino saying damn on Inside the NFL in 2000, anyone?

  3. Uhm, how about when Steve Harvey said Miss Columbia won the Miss Universe pageant?!?! I was seriously expecting that to be number 1.

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