Top 10 YouTubers React To YouTube HQ Tragedy
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How’s it going Youtube I am Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to a brand new Most Amazing Top 10 video. So just yesterday we have experienced a tragic event when a female shooter who I am not going to name, well this person went on Youtube HQ and started to shot people. This is still a developing story and apparently, the motivation might be retaliation against Youtube because this individual didn’t like the way Youtube operated. So 3 people were shot and were taken to the hospital. The perpetrator turned the gun on herself and shot herself dead. It’s has been a very scary time and let me ask you guys in the comment section what do you guys think about gun control? I am very interested in what you guys have to say. Ok so let’s get right into this list. This is the Top 10 Youtubers who have reacted to the Youtube HQ Tragedy, and to be honest with you guys this is in no order.


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  1. I think gun control should happen, and the people who sell guns need to check the person who wants to buy the guns,backround like if they have been to jail or has a mental illness, so shootings don’t happen and no one gets hurt

  2. Gun control could not have prevented that. There isn’t a way to stop from getting into the building. That is why gun free zones are ridiculous. The same thing could have happened with a knife. Terrorism still exists even without guns. The London bridge attack took place and that didn’t involve guns and yet it was a mass murder. Also the German truck attack. Over 300,000 lives are saved each year by guns and less then 35,000 are taken. Around 12,000 are suicides. Guns save lives. How would we be able to stand up to a tryanical government if we didn’t have guns?

  3. In England we are very strict on gun control and not even the police have guns; the only painful weapon they carry is a teaser, batons and I think pepper spray aswell. I only heard about the shooting yesterday and it is so shocking to say the least

  4. I hate that people want to blame guns for the problems. There have been people drive through crowds killing people. There are people cutting people up with machetes. There are people purposefully overdosing people to make it look like a drug problem. What are we going to start doing to better the world? Ban cars? Ban any form of sharp objects including but not limited to knifes, razors, glass, and pencils? Ban Tylenol, tide pods, any game that shows any form of violence, cell phones, alcohol? Where does it end? When do we begin to realize humans are the problem? If someone wants to harm someone else, somehow they will find the means to do so.

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