Top 10 WWE Moments That Made You Cry
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Sometimes wrestling can be the saddest thing on television (and not because Roman Reigns is on the screen). For this list we’re looking at sad or heartwarmingly happy moments in professional wrestling, exclusively from the WWE. From Ric Flair’s retirement to the Eddie Gurrero tribute, this video will bring a tear to your eye.

#10. Benoit and Guerrero at WrestleMania XX
#9. Christian Wins the World Heavyweight Championship
#8. Edge Retires
#7. Shawn Michaels Takes a Bow
#6. Reunited, And It Feels So Good
#5. Brock Lesnar Beats the Streak
#4. The Yes Movement is Halted
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Ballsy of WatchMojo to even mention Benoit considering how he’s persona non grata. But that doesn’t mean it was sad

  2. For me

    1. Connor the Crusher
    2. Ric Flair’s farewell
    3. Chris and Eddie
    4. Edge’s farewell
    5. Bryan’s farewell and comeback

  3. I cried tears of joy when Sheamus won his first WWE championship against Cena at TLC 2009.

  4. Apart of what Benoit ever done . . . Benoit and Guerrero at the end of WM20 will always be my favorite WM Moment :'(

  5. Shawn Michaels didn’t have the career vs streak match at wrestlemania 25 it was wrestlemania 26 come on guys

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