There is always a lot of controversy in the wrestling business – especially WWE – but for this list we’re counting down all the biggest drama to have hit the industry over the years. From The Death of Chris Benoit to The Montreal Screwjob, and even the Saudi Arabia tours like Super Showdown and Crown Jewel…it’s all here. We’ll be including all wrestling companies past and present from Impact Wrestling to World Wrestling Entertainment and ECW too! So let us know which of these controversies shook you the most.

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#10. Sting vs. Jeff Hardy
#9. Muhammad Hassan
#8. The Matt Hardy, Edge, & Lita Love Triangle
#7. Steroid Trial
#6. Mass Transit Incident
#5. CM Punk Walks Out on the WWE
#4. Owen Hart’s Death
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. The treatment of chyna should have been on this list… excellent list though!!! Love the wrestling vids!

  2. I’m gonna be the only one who will be talking about Monday Night Raw this week…

    Undertaker came.

  3. Wasn’t really thinking of deaths when I saw this list and even after the inclusion of Owen’s (R.I.P), when the Montreal screw job was at number 2 I was clueless as to what could be number one but of course its Benoit. Guess it’s so messed up that I put it beyond wrestling.

  4. Top 10 “Wrestling” controversy. This was all WWE. There are a ton of other out there. The death of Bruiser Brody being a huge one.

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