The Prince of Saiyans wasn’t always such a hero, we’re just lucky he ended up marrying Bulma and becoming Trunks Daddy! For this list we’re looking at the not so honorable things done by everyone’s favourite anime character. From nearly destroying earth to killing Namekians, and even destroying everyone at the martial arts tournament, Vegeta’s past is full of dirty laundry – as expected from a survivor of the warrior race. Though we love him today and he’s rid the world of evils such as Majin Buu, Cell, Freiza, and more – as well as saving the universe by defeating Toppo and Jiren…some of these things are hard to forgive.

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#10. Freezing up Against Broly
#9. Not Saving His Wife and Child
#8. The Moustache
#7. Killing Recoome and Burter
#6. Killing Nappa
#5. Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form
#4. Blowing up a Bug Planet
#3. Killing a Crowd of People
#2. Killing Namekians
#1. Nearly Destroying the Earth

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  1. I hope you guys are doing a list of best moments that Vegeta has done ala helping Teen Gohan defeat Cell as well help convince the humans to fuel Goku’s spirit bomb to defeat Kid Buu.

  2. Are …. Are you not gonna talk about the first time he used Final Flash? I’m pretty sure a city, or an entire flipping country got wiped from the face of the planet!!!!

    It scraped the side of the planet. That thing may have done some unseen damage because they wanted to focus on Cell xD

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