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Top 10 Worst Things to Invest Your Money In
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You might as well just burn all that hard-earned cash.. From jewlery, to hedge funds, to time shares, here are the biggest wastes of money you could possibly invest in. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Worst Things to Invest Your Money In.

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#10. Jewelry
#9. Certificate of Deposit
#8. Timeshares
#7. Hedge Funds
#6. Bitcoin
#5. Currencies
#4. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. The main reason the list is retarded is #3 and #6. Of course overspending on anything is a bad investment wtf lol. That’s the most useless advice I’ve ever read first of all and if they’re going to put that then they should put overpaying for BTC. You can make a significant amount of money day trading. Look at it’s price now also. It’s at $7,500 roughly and around this time last year it was worth $2-3,000. Fuck last week it was worth 9k. Just don’t overpay for an extremely volatile currency such as crypto

  2. Put some prototype snails into it. Like the guy I use to know that said I stole his prototypes which were snails from a lake LOL. He said they were worth billions.

  3. The meaning of this video: Don’t invest in anything!!! Just live up your small interest from your bank account!!!

  4. Anyone who dose not get into Bitcoin are very ignorant and they will cry with regret in only a few years. Stupid broke people tend to stay broke because they are narrow minded. Ask yourself are you a type 1 or type 2 person.

  5. while there were certainly a few good items on this list it more comes off just don’t invest which is bad advice.

  6. Watchmojo I made more in my crypto investments than my 5 years in the traditional stock market. But go ahead and spread more FUD

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