Top 10 Worst Things Naruto Has Ever Done
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The star of this legendary Ninja Shounen anime has made a few bad decisions down the line – and some are harder to forgive than others. Ashley’s going to be looking at everything from the Naruto franchise including Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and focusing on things like Naruto neglecting his family, not turning up to his daughter, Himawari’s birthday, his obsession with his friend turned enemy turned rival Sasuke Uchiha, and of course making friends with the likes of Otobi and the Nine-Tailed Fox.

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#10. Vandalizing Hokage Rock
#9. Not Telling Konohamaru His Student is Orochimaru’s Son
#8. Stealing a Forbidden Scroll
#7. Teaching Sexy Jutsu to a Kid
#6. It Took Abduction For Him to Understand Romantic Love
#5. Impersonating Sasuke to Get Sakura to Kiss Him
#4. Humiliating His Son in Front of Everyone
#3. Making Friends with Those Who Killed His Parents
#2. His Obsession with Sasuke
#1. Neglecting His Family

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  1. you do realize that the nine tail was under a sharingan right, he vandalized the hokage face to get attention because almost everybody shut hi out of his life

  2. He is the leader of the entire village, it literally broke his heart to do that do his son, but as the leader there was no choice. There is nothing wrong with at all.
    And by the way madara was pulling the strings behind everything, and manipulated obito into following him. Naruto forgave and extended a hand of friendship to his father’s pupil. It is not spitting on their graves. Go back and watch thr series

  3. Um Naruto isn’t broke. He actually has beem living on his own for most of his life. And received money from the village to support himself. Contrary to popular belief Naruto isn’t as irresponsible as people think.

  4. Sasusaku is an unhealthy relationship Naruto and sasuke relationship was fine he wanted his best friend back there is nothing wrong with that but Sakura obsession for sasuke is very unhealthy because There is no point for Sakura to love sasuke it’s pointless

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