Top 10 Worst Things Goku Has Done
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The Super Hero of the Dragon Ball series has done some amazing things in his time; Defeating villains, saving planet earth, and abandoning his family. Wait what? For this list we’re looking at the not so honorable things done by everyone’s favourite anime character. Though he may have defeated Majin Buu, Black, Zamasu, and even Jiren, Goku’s dastardly deeds are not to be ignored. From setting up the tournament of Power to giving cell a Senzu bean, Goku’s dirty laundry is all out on display here!

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10. Offering Up Bulma To Old Kai
9. Creating Broly By Crying Too Much
8. Never Kissed His Wife
7. Letting Frieza Reach 100%
6. Letting Vegeta Live
5. Inappropriate Behaviour
4. Blowing Up King Kai’s Planet
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. Perhaps what happened during Goku and Cell’s bout at the Cell Games should have been different. Like the fact that Goku shouldn’t have given him a Senzu and took one himself after realizing things during the remaining time he had in the Time Chamber with his son, such as the fact that he wasn’t sure how Gohan was going to use SS2. So, I think that the fight would have continued, but Cell would have gotten desperate since he does possess Frieza’s DNA, thus leading him to blind everyone with a Solar Flare so he can retrieve one of the Senzu Beans from the bag Krillin was carrying and used it so he can have an edge against Goku and later Gohan. Another thing is that when Goku was going to take Cell and himself away from Earth before he exploded should have gone a different way. Like the fact that instead of Instant Transmission, Goku should have followed the path of the Iron Giant and used his Jet Kamehameha to take him and Cell out of Earth’s atmosphere and away from Earth before he blew up. At least that would have made more sense since Goku wouldn’t have thought of taking him to an uninhabited planet, asteroid, or the Time Chamber since his IT does have its limits and the Time Chamber would come in handy later down the road. So I think the Jet Kamehameha would have been a better substitute. Another thing to point out on #9 and #6 would have to be that thanks to Goku sparing Vegeta and traumatizing Broly with his crying, we not only got a dope main villain with a trilogy in the DBZ movies and his own canon movie set for release tomorrow in Japan and later in January for a worldwide release, but Vegeta turned out for the better like Piccolo did and now is one of the only most powerful Saiyan antiheroes around the Seventh Universe and a respectable family man who loves his wife and children just as much Goku does. He even shows that to his wife by kissing her, something Goku never did throughout his whole marriage. That all said, I am not sure what Toriyama was drinking and/or smoking while writing Goku’s place in the Dragon Ball manga and handling some of the anime, but boy, he made a hell of a mess on his character. This is why fanfic writers are around to give Goku a complete character makeover whilst writing him out as the main character or secondary main character to the main OC of the story. That said, again, good video.

  2. Where is the proof they never kissed? What about the time in the Kami house? Did we forget that moment?

  3. he wud have never married chichi… and never wud have family and then wud have done what ever wud he want.. but it was chichi who forced him into it

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