Top 10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done
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Deadpool may be super, but he’s no hero. The Merc with the Mouth is responsible for some of the most heinous acts in comic book history, so to celebrate the massive success of Deadpool 2, we’re counting down some of the most brutal things Wade Wilson has ever done.

Who’s better: Deadpool or Deathstroke?

List Rank and Entries
#10: His Relationship with Hydra Bob
#9: He Stole an Iron Man Suit and Got Drunk
#8: He Impaled Hulk to Steal His Blood
#7: His Attack on Classic Literature
#6: He Used his Own Child as Bait
#5: He Willingly Became a Herald of Galactus
#4: He Killed His Former Girlfriend
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. Why would Galactus use the yellow pages these days? That’s how I feel DC’s Cyborg!

  2. Getting a blood sample from a monster that’s big, green, and pissed off all over is MUCH easier said than done!

  3. That aim soldier did not just say that “Haden Christiansen is an amazing actor” because he can barely act to begin with😡

  4. I think they got the title wrong, it should be ” The most Awesome thing Deadpool has Done “

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