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The worst Teen Titans Go episodes can be found here. For this list, we’re looking at “Teen Titans GO!’s” worst offenders, with a heavy focus on the story and humor. Our list includes episodes such as “The Fourth Wall”, “Batman v Teen Titans Dark Injustice”, Smile Bones”, “The Return of Slade”, and more. Please be advised that spoilers will be included for the included episodes. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Teen Titans Go Episodes.

List Rank and Entries:
#10. “Batman v Teen Titans Dark Injustice”
#9. “Salty Codgers”
#8. “Smile Bones”
#7. “I’m the Sauce”
#6. “Let’s Get Serious”
#5. “The Fourth Wall”
#4. “Serious Business”
#3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. This show is not bad, its a simple take on teen titans go, as… Tweenagers. All you nerds on here crying, ” bring back the old teen titans” booh hoo hoo. If you guys would of seen tara strings twitter, she said they would bring it back if teen titans go to the movies performed well. Well, did any of you go watch it??? Bunch of fucking crybabys.

  2. You forgot to mention every other episode of Teen Titans GO! I have more then once wished whoever greenlit this series a very public and embarrassing death.

  3. Why not just go back to the old ways of the 2003 show and just continue the story from that show instead of continuing this money grabber of a show?

  4. What do you mean “Top 10”? ALL of the episodes of Teen Titans Go are worst!!! It makes the first cartoon series look bad. Whoever created THAT version of a very popular DC comic should be shot!!! I can’t believe DC even though of allowing that show to exist! Rumors have it that they have been paid big bucks to look the other way. Figures… money talks, idiots listen. It should have been boycotted!!!!

  5. How can you do a Top 10 worst when they’re all just about equally bad? Seriously, this show is not meant for human consumption.

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