Top 10 Worst Racist Incidents In Sports
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These incidents of racism against athletes and in sport is simply unbelievable. From Yuli Gurriel making Asian eyes, to Joel Ward’s Goal, to the Luis Suárez racial abuse incident, these are some of the most racist moments in sports history. WatchMojo counts down ten worst racist incidents in sports.

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#10: Kelly Tilghman Is Suspended and Dave Seanor Fired
#9: Yuli Gurriel Makes Asian Eyes
#8: Joel Ward’s Goal
#7: The Luis Suárez Racial Abuse Incident
#6: Don Lewis Tries to Start an All-White Basketball League
#5: Floyd Mayweather Attacks Manny Pacquiao
#4: Some Nappy-Headed Hoes
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. She said *“Lynch Him In The Back Ally!* with the biggest, most arrogant white woman smile on her face like “reprimand? Fuck is that?”

  2. what the heck no mention of Jack Johnson the first black heavyweight champ? He was not allowed a title shot for years because he was black and would win. He was jailed on a BS charge of taking a white girl across state lines for amoral purposes. Which he received a full pardon for a couple of years ago thanks to John McCain. Also he was hated and hunted during his title reign where he could only defend the title outside the US. Certainly that worse than an old man saying some tasteless comments to his bimbo. This is such a severe snub I do not have words and demand a correction.

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