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Top 10 WORST Pokémon Games
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Not every Pokemon game is a JRPG as some decide to dip into other genres. Some of them can hold up but others… not so much. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Pokemon Games. In this list we’ll be looking at some of the worst in in the franchise such as “Pokemon Dash”, “Pokemon Battle Revolution” and “Hey You, Pikachu!”

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List Entries and Rank:
10. “My Pokèmon Ranch” (2008)
9. “Pokèmon Rumble Blast” (2011)
8. “Pokèdex 3D Pro” (2012)
7. “Pokèmon Rumble U” (2013)
6. “Pokèmon Battle Revolution” (2007)
5. “Pokèmon Dash” (2005)
4. “Pokèmon Dream Radar” (2012)
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. Pokémon Shuffle was a great game. I can at least kind of understand a lot of the other ones, even though I liked some of them, but _Shuffle?_ _Hell no._ Sure, it had a microtransaction problem, but the mere existence of microtransactions doesn’t make a game irredeemably terrible, especially if a compelling experience can be had without them, which in my opinion, very much applies to Pokemon Shuffle. It’s a cute fun little puzzle game, and you can’t convince me that it’s a bad game.

  2. Most of those only exist to give exclusive mons on the handheld games anyway. PBR did include a “story mode”, you just needed to beat each “arena master” to unlock the next and some clothes, but it was a mistake for them not include the League from the games like in Stadium series and the mini-games, not that was a sin. Shuffle is the most bearable of this list.

  3. Was Pokemon Channel thaaat bad? I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, am I wearing rose tinted glasses.. I mean I know it was bad but I wouldn’t say worst imo.

  4. You know, when I first saw the thumbnail, I freaked out because I thought the PokéPark games would be on the list. I was so relived when I found out that they weren’t!

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