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There are common teaching mistakes and bad things teachers do to students. But then there are these examples of bad teaching: whether the teacher is locking a special needs student in a closet for writing too slowly, making racist remarks about some of the children to the group or giving a 15-year-old a lap dance, these are just some of the worst teachers ever. WatchMojo counts down ten of the dumbest decisions teachers have ever made.

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#10: Would You Like Fries with That?
#9: The Sweet Smell of Racism
#8: Our Lips Are Sealed
#7: Dirty Dancing
#6: I’m Rubber, You’re Glue
#5: Risqué Writing
#4: Trapped in the Closet
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Student: Is this how you get you sick kicks?! *holds out cookie*
    Principal: What? It’s just an ordinary cooki– *smells it* — OH MY GOODNESS!!

  2. I got suspended for not talking during class i just didnt feel like talking to the other kids that day .

  3. just this school year, my son’s teacher really pissed me off…. my son is a sweet,kind, child who always puts passion into what he does. well, he had made an origami pikachu that you could puff up and it looked amazing! he was very proud of this and so was i. he had it on the corner of his desk and she came by,smiled at him,smashed his pikachu,laughed at him, and made him cry by poking fun at him and that made everyone in class make fun of him and verbally bully him and she thought that this was funny!!! oh, by the way, my son has mental disabilities….and all the teachers know this!!! when i found out i called the principal and he had her listen to the voice mail that i had left, demanding answers for why this happened and what was going to be done about it and she called me and said yes everything he said was true and shes not sure what she was thinking,that she was having an “off” day… long story short, i told her that if anything like that ever happened again, i will be going up to the school and im going to belittle her as she belittled my son and i will bully her just as she did my son and i will make her and anyone else that bullies my son feel like the piece of shit that they really are! nothing happened to her but a warning…which is messed up in a school that has a zero tolerance for bullying….

  4. One time during senior year I feel asleep in math class after staying up all night to finish a project and the fucking bitch dumped her water bottle on me.

  5. I’am a teacher. I never get why #10 is considered an insulting job or if you don’t study well, you will end up working at a fast food restaurant. Its honest work.

    To my failing and academically weak students, I always advise them that even if it might be hard for them to get a good paying job straight away. Then at least start with an honest low paying or minimum wage job. If they are earning honest wages, even it is just $500 a month, it would be better than them earning $5000 a month selling crack or prostituting themselves.

    I have been a teacher for almost 8 years. And I have encountered my former students as university undergraduates, police officers, soldiers, nurses, clerks, cleaners, dishwashers and even janitors etc. But they are still happy with my lessons (Social Studies and Geography). The ones working as janitors, dishwashers and fast food workers are also taking night classes to improve their chances of getting a much better paying job.

  6. A teacher starts stripping and dancing in front of a student best… birthday… ever… I’ll bet that’s what that kid was thinking

  7. I dunno if the McD’s application thing was true, but it’s not that bad of an idea. Obviously people will take offense, but there are plenty of people that would fill out and send in that application, for a multitude of reasons.

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