Top 10 WORST Holiday Cash Grab Movies

Movies that sacrificed everything from production value to even having a decent story just to get rich quick out of people wanting to see a holiday themed movie. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Worst Holiday Cash Grab Movies. But what will take the top spot on our list? The recent Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve? Watch to find out!

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00:54 #10. “Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers” (1995)
01:57 #9. “Christmas Eve” (2015)
03:08 #8. “Surviving Christmas” (2004)
04:02 #7. “The Santa Clause The Escape Clause” (2006)
05:09 #6. “Jack Frost” (1998)
05:59 #5. “Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas” (1997)
07:05 #4. “A Madea Christmas” (2013)
08:10 #3, #2, #1 ????

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  1. Oh man I thought that A Christmas Story 2 would be number one….I guess it
    is so fucking awful that even WatchMojo refuses to acknowledge it exists

  2. Just because the unwashed masses couldn’t appreciate the magic of Jack
    Frost and it bombed at BO, doesn’t mean it belongs on this list YOU

  3. The new year and valentine’s day crap deserved to be number one and two
    pathetic Love Actually rip offs without any of the heart that made that
    movie great. As for honourable mentioned Ernest Saves Christmas I know what
    it is but it will always be a holiday staple in our home it’s corny
    greatness is just a laugh riot and to fun to be missed.

  4. ‘Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas’: I *so* wanted to like this
    movie especially because Tim Curry is part of this. Unfortunately, it
    doesn’t even begin to compare to the original’s quality.
    ‘Valentine’s Day’: Ugh, some of the acting here is teeerrible. And don’t
    get me started on the plot. Pretty dull, for the most part.
    ‘Home Alone: Holiday Heist’: This actually exists?!
    ‘New Year’s Eve’: One word. *Dull*.

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