For this list, we’re looking at the moments from E3 2019 that fell flat. If you’re wanting a little more positivity, be sure to check out our Top 10 Best Moments from E3 2019 afterwards!

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  1. Crossfire X will do fine. Most online shooter gamers are borderline retarded anyway. Just give them a polished turd with lots of weapons and elaborate gun loading animations and they will buy in.

  2. Goddamnit even John Romero, co-founder of ID studio, subtlety said in a interview that the Commander Keen remake sucked ass just from the trailer alone.

  3. But as you see the crowd likes this shit. They will buy this crap DlCs those Shit Games and tons of other things. We know that

  4. So at first bethdrones were defending ”no NPC’s” route for f76, now they’re happy God Howard changed his mind.. noted.

  5. the only thing battletoads is gonna do is make people cry it’s to hard like cuphead. i personally would love to play it, but that’d require me to find a care to go buy a xbone.

  6. Re:Mind trailer had no audio because it’s in early development and voice acting hasn’t been recorded yet.

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