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There are some strange YouTube videos. Whether it’s a commercial for Little Baby’s Ice Cream where someone eats ice cream out of their own head, HumanimalAlex’s nearly naked guy dressed up like a deer, or BlankRoomSoup.avi, which is a YouTube horror video without any context, these are some of the most unnerving videos on YouTube. WatchMojo counts down ten YouTube videos so weird they’ll creep you out.

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#10: “DIY Doctor Slime Syringe Real Play Baby Doll How To Make Baby Doll Bubble Bath Time Learn Colors” (2016)
#9: “Hanwei Practical XL Katana Unveiling HD” (2009)
#8: “Blank Room Soup.avi” [aka “Freaky Soup Guy”] (2005)
#7: “YouTube Poop: Football is for Egg-Heads The Remake” (2007)
#6: “Little Baby’s Ice Cream “This is a Special Time”” (2012)
#5: “Deer 2” (2009)
#4: “Cool Guy Has Chill Day” (2009)
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Why is *ONE* specific Youtube Poop video on this list? It’s not even that weird. It looks like the ones who voted for that are unaware of the abundance of YTP videos out here. Believe me, this one is very low profile on the weird part.

  2. Why in the actual shit am I watching this at 1 in the morning what the actual hell is wrong with humans

  3. not the dude with the helium voice cutting open the gummy rat? I am disappoint.

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