These freaky Mandela Effects have people on the Internet up in arms. For this list, we’ll be examining the most curious examples of collective false memory, otherwise known as the Mandela Effect. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Weirdest Mandela Effects.

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  1. My favorite example of the Mandela effect: so many people will swear there’s a shot in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where the ark manages to burn off a symbol — people disagree if it’s a swastika or U.S. flag — on the crate containing it.

  2. Why didn’t u mention how the Hydron Collider has a statue of Shiva doing the ritual dance of death and after this did their tests, all this happened?

  3. I just think that everyone has a shitty memory because all of the stuff mentioned here I remembered as it is in reality. Mandela effect is just a bunch of people who don’t remember details closely enough.

  4. Mandela did die in prison cuz theres an episode of destination truth where Josh is in the very prison cell where he died gave the date and everything and I remember that from my childhood.

  5. hitlers not dead why isnt that on the list or the fact that ophera winfrey is old as hell

  6. I specifically remember Stein. Pronounced Steen.
    I used to watch the tapes from the 80’s as a kid and had the books.
    It’s so weird that it’s stain now. 🤔

  7. I think you left out the line from Casablanca. “Play it again, Sam.” It’s actually “Play it, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By.'”

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