Top 10 Weirdest Kids Shows – Part 2
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You know what – I made part one to this video three years ago…. Here I am…here is a clip of me talking about NOSEY BONK… CLIP 1. that is the kind of chaos you can expect from this video…. I feel like my voice was higher then. Mee mmaaameeemmaah meeee mee? Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Weirdest Kid Shows Part 2.

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  1. Oh, & that is the guy from Jurassic Park. His name is Bob Peck but he passed away in 1999 sadly

  2. between boobahs and Teletubbies they both are just uhhh what the heck am I watching now hahahahahahaha I mean really o m g its like its a cult of hahahahahaha

  3. All of these 80’s developer people were all done in by those disco hall designer drugs. #10 was WOW!!!

  4. I never watched Angelia Anaconda, but I would see the advertising on Fox Kids and that was enough to turn me off. Also, the show did an intro to the Digimon Movie, and it was the worst part of the movie.

  5. Boobah was my granddaughters fave show. She was born in 2003. Thanks Rebecca I always got them confused with those awful Teletubbies! LOL!?????

  6. I wanna put my lips all over your body… with you consent my lady… **bows on knee** **lifts head slow**

  7. You definitely get a thumbs up for including Jim Henson.

    If you do a 3rd video, look up the Canadian kids show from the late 70s early 80s called Circle Square.

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