Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Not all bike designs make it to mass market and thankfully, for good reason. Could you picture what grandma would think if she saw one of these contraptions at a yard sale? Ya know what, maybe it’s best not to answer that. So today, we’ll be looking at our picks of the top ten weirdest bikes in the world – aka, bikes you shouldn’t show your grandma.

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  1. The bike I want is the one that some jerk stole from me back when I was a kid! It was just gone… ToT

    Thanks for the vid, T10A!

  2. #Top10Archive Thanks 4 another great video 🙂 how ya doing? I had my ultrasound sound today I’m 13 weeks ? But dont know the gender yet.

  3. I bet if number one was mass produced and sold in the states it would make a killing in sales I for one would buy it in a heartbeat

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