Have you ever thought about problems in the world that need to be fixed? From climate change to healthcare to poverty to human rights, there are many things we need to fix in the world. WatchMojo takes a look at how to fix the world, from a Liberal point of view.

And if you want to see what threats face Mother Nature while you’re at it, check out the Top 10 Dangers Facing Our Planet:

00:40 #10. Set Up a Social Safety Net
01:25 #9. Make College Education Free
02:14 #8. Discover Alternatives / Solutions to Deforestation, Air Pollution, Land Pollution, etc.
03:06 #7. Stop Business / Political Corruption & Greed
04:02 #6. Use Sustainable Energy
04:58 #5. Achieve Gender Equality
05:53 #4. End Poverty
06:32 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. Today’s liberals are more akin to conservatives. The roles have flipped. Liberals are scum, that endanger capitalism with their retarded communist mindset.

  2. Step 1: corporations are NOT people, The should have no role in Politics in the U.S. The fleecing of American citizens by Big Pharma, Health Insurance, Credit card interest rates, Big Banks, Big Lenders all need re regulation as well as the whole of the Chemical Industry, Fossil Fuel producers, not just in terms of cost, but pollution, over mining, trying to squeeze oil out of sand in remote regions where the eco system is already at risk.

    Step 2: Money is NOT Speech!! That was the worst SCOTUS decision, though not as reprehensible, since separate but equal.

    Step 3: Limit Lobbyist spending. Corruption and Pork Barrel Legislation. Sad to say, 70/30 GOP/DNC.

    Step 4: All Federal office fundraising ended. Campaign should be allotted X dollars for each phase of campaigning and also for Senate and House campaigns.

  3. And hence this list (for the most part) is why I lean a little to the left. They always seem to focus more on the issues that we all face rather than trying to create more loopholes for cooperation to exploit and then say “God wills it!” while pointing their guns at us. (OFC that’s satirizing far Rights, I know not all Republicans think that way). But ya, being on the left (but not far left) just seems logical to me…just avoid the SJWs, Feminists, and BLM movements…AVOID THEM AS THOUGH YOUR SANITY DEPENDED ON IT!

  4. The good old “70 cents to the dollar” argument, the most universally debunked talking point of modern feminists? Are you serious right now?

    The rest of the world, sure, women have problems there. But in order to fix this “Wage gap” you have to start paying women more than men for the same job. Just go look through the long list of videos debunking the whole “Wage Gap” argument. I also love that you showed that clip of the Canadian Prime Minster who kinda sorta forced women into his cabinet and had to be a little sexist towards men (as in women were almost twice as likely to be allowed in) just to get that perfect 50/50 split. That guy is sexist, sorry. Go check out Logick’s channel for that debunk.

    Now to watch the rest of the video after that rant.

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