Top 10 Wasted Opportunities With Justice League
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DC had all the building blocks to make one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, but when they missed out on these opportunities the result became a muddled mess. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Opportunities That Justice League Wasted! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be the inexcusably bad CGI, a waste of a villain, or wasting the talent of great actors? Watch to find out!

#10. Not Enough Atlantis
#9. Too Much CGI on Cyborg
#8. Adapt an Iconic Story
#7. Let Joss Whedon be Joss Whedon
#6. Not Enough Character Development
#5. A More Focused Tone & Direction
#4. The Characters Felt Dumbed Dow
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. Snyder did NOT leave on account of the tragedy. WB shit-canned Snyder and used the tragedy of his daughter’s suicide as a publicity stunt so as to avoid bad press affecting the film’s bottom line. WB’s execs are total douchebags. Not only for using a tragedy to their own greedy benefit…but for not allowing Zach full creative control. WB’s is a bunch of control freaks who have no faith in their directors. How’s that working for ya WB?


  2. OK for the last time, wonder Woman wasn’t as great as you want it to be. It was the “best” out of 4 crap movies, so it wasn’t hard to be seen as good. the last act and her final motivations were badly executed . Gal Gadot is not a good actress, she’s passable, which is not what i wanted from Wonder Woman. Ill wait for Captain Marvel .

  3. I love you watchmojo but instead of reminding people the negativity and dislike the movie got , you should have posted a video about good things the movie got or stuff like that , at least post another video showing the good stuff

  4. The story felt like it was walking an all too familiar path. Most of it was fairly predictable.

  5. If I would have been asked to write (at least) the premise for the film it would have been pretty much like this:

    Act 1
    The film starts a lot the same, as Batman captures a Parademon and it explodes (but this is where it all changes, most of), suddenly the sky turns purple/green/blue and a boom tube appears in Metropolis, more specifically in Superman’s park(y) place/statue. Batman decides to call Diana and Flash to help him defeat the army that comes trough the boom tube.

    3 weeks earlier.

    We see in the news that Superman’s (or Clark’s) grave has been taken and Lois is seen in the place where the grave was and starts crying, Bruce sees her tries to consulate her but goes back to his limo where Alfred waits to take him to Central City (in a jet, of course) and visits Barry Allen (the scene is the same as in the movie, I liked it).

    Bruce talks to Diana about how the process is going and she seems to be waiting in Star Labs for her to see Cyborg, as he has been the Lab Rat for several months and hasn’t been in communication with his dad due to Silas not being allowed to enter the cell where Victor is. Diana eventually manages to talk to Vic and tries to convince him in a Black Widowish/Hulkish type of scene and they both break out of Star Labs.

    In outer space Steppenwolf is seen in a spaceship commanding his troops (Desaad and Kalibak) to prepare the next attack on Earth and he asks Desaad to keep an eye on the Subject, which just so happens to be Superman…

    Metropolis is being attacked by Kalibak and Steppenwolf as they both let all hell break lose and the Parademons attack in every corner of the city, Batman does his Batman(y) things (attacks, what else), WW and Flash eso and trough the city and attack every. parademon they see, while Cyborg tries to keep things from leaving the city and expanding into the rest (Gotham and/or Bludhaven) and enters the ship and sees a dying prisioner in a green suit with a green ring slipping trough his fingers, he calls himself Abin Sur and tells Cy to leave Earth, because Steppenwolf will terraform the Earth to recreate his fallen world, Apokolips and that there is no escaping, he dies while his ring leaves the spaceship. But Cy is attacked and forces to leave the ship.

    At the bay, Arthur Curry is taking the homeless into his boat along with his older yet trustable comrade, Nuidis Vulko. But he sees the number of Parademons expanding and tells Vulko to get away in the ship not before giving him his Trident. Wow and Flash end up at the docks and get beaten badly by various Parademons, they beat them up and we see one left about to stab WW but his head is crushed by Aquaman’s Trident and tells them if do they have a leader, ‘cause he votes for himself.

    They unite along with Batman and Cy in the Superman statue after like 10 more fighting minutes and the troops retreat from the scene and promise to come back. The team is seen by the public and gets booed and yelled at by the crowd, Flash tries to keep them down, Arthur gets pissed at them, Diana tries to reason with them but she is thrown sh*t to her and Batman calls her to stand down, he tells Cy to boom tube them out and he does that…

    Like if you want me to continue, at least 10 likes, ok?

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