Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Long ago on YouTube – before some of its users were even born in fact – and before YouTube absorbed countless hours of your day, these vintage videos ruled the internet. From the incessant animations, impractical cartoons and clever songs – they’re all here in this top 10 trip down memory lane!

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10. We Like the Moon
9. Badger, Badger, Badger
8. Teen Girl Squad
7. Shoes
6. Leeroy Jenkins
5. Amazing Horse
4. Mortal Kombat Acapella Group
3. Evolution of Dance
2. Salad Fingers
1. Charlie the Unicorn


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  1. There were just too many good ones for a top 10.. Let us know your favorite vintage virals below so we can all check them out!

  2. Hey man, what’s going on with your view counts? You usually get more views then this. That’s strange.

  3. You gave me flashbacks when you yelled “LEEERROOOOOOYYYYYYY JEEENKIINS” One morning, I woke my brother up to take me to school. He had a few drinks the night before, and let’s just say I had to find another ride. Anyway, as he woke up, he screamed “LEEEEROY JEEENKINS” and went right back to sleep. I still think about that sometimes. 😂😂 The memories.

  4. That’s so funny, I was thinking about Charlie the Unicorn this morning for like two hours straight, and I hadn’t thought about it at all for at least five years lol.. another bizarre coincidence I guess, just like I’ve been having every day recently lol..

    • I do all the time at work and get so many strange looks from my co-workers. Then text tone for my mom goes off and people sidle away from me. (bllllp, bllllp, blllp, what are you 2 doing? blllp, blllp, Stop that!………..bllllp)

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