So you thought the first game was hard, huh? For this list we’ll be looking at the 10 Video Game Sequels that were much more challenging than the original game with special guest Todd Haberkorn. Some of these games include: Castlevania 2, Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Resident Evil 2. Which of these sequels were your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Can Mojo let us know hes voicing the video in the title so I can avoid it? I was just asked to mute the TV.

  2. What about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. That one is certainly more tough than the first one and is harder than the third one.

  3. If New Super Mario Wii isn’t on this list, then it is confirmed that Watchmojo has lost it’s cultural knowledge and has the big *gay*
    _Edit:_ It’s official, Watchmojo has the *super gay*

  4. Where the heck is Jak 2?? This guy is so bad to listen to…👎🏻Why isnt Dan Paradis in more gaming videos??? 🐸☕

  5. Songs on the radio that you didn’t know where two songs, like queens “We will rock you and We are champions”

  6. As usual, lots of people complaining about this narrator and he’s still being used… I just wanted to know why! It’s because he’s SO famous that he MUST be used as a narrator to bring his fans/more people to this channel or whatever? If that’s the case, this channel is only achieving the opposite, that’s for sure… At least, limit this guy to anime videos only because that’s were he belongs!

  7. Tf resident evil 2 was way easier then the first one actually it was the easiest resident evil for me.

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