Top 10 Opening Level Themes In Video Games

These are the tracks and tunes that kicked off some of our favorite games on the right foot. These songs and instrumentals are some of the best music in video games, and having them great us in the first stage of some real classics – whether they be retro or modern, old or recent titles.

00:37 #10. Battle in the Jungle
01:22 #9. Ruins of Bacarous
02:09 #8. Corneria
02:58 #7. First Stage
03:46 #6. Burning Building
04:30 #5. Bloody Tears
05:29 #4. Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage
06:26 #3, #2 and #1 ???

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  1. You showed Double Dragon in the opening montage, but it didn’t make the list? C’mon, that’s way better than that Sonic Adventure song.

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