Top 10 Unsolved World War I Mysteries
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There are many unexplained mysteries of the First World War. From, Krech, the Sub and the Sea Monster, to The Florentine Diamond, to the Mysterious Fate of the USS Cyclops, the unresolved controversies of World War I are baffling. Watchmojo counts down ten unsolved World War I mysteries.

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#10: Who Killed the Red Baron?
#9: John Parr and the First Shot
#8: World War I’s Mystery Artist
#7: The Florentine Diamond
#6: Krech, the Sub and the Sea Monster
#5: The Kinmel Park Mutiny
#4: The Mysterious Fate of the USS Cyclops
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Every General on all sides of WW1 should’ve been lined up and shot after the war. Notice how few of them died in WW1 compared to WW2? Hard to die when you’re miles from the front in a safe and out of touch haven.

  2. For number 10 it’s LONG been beleived he was probably killed by allied ground fire. dunno how something like that didn’t come up anywhere..

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