Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s a strange, strange world out there. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, you’re hit with something that really throws you for a loop. Not entirely sure what I mean? Maybe you will after this installment, where we’re going to discuss some strange video and audio footage. Not only are they weird, they’re among the top 10 most unexplainable media that will surely give you the chills.

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10. Grave Robbing for Morons
9. The Ghost of Blockbuster
8. Saturn’s Message
7. The Woman on the Bridge
6. The Hum
5. The Central New York Ghost Hunters Greatest Find
4. The Rumbles of Colorado
3. FoundontheTape
2. The Cannock Chase Ghost
1. The Max Headroom Broadcast


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  1. The media tells me that millennials are narcissistic, entitled, and rude. Working in customer service has taught me that is mostly everyone.

  2. hear on whidbey island on the penn cove wharf there are these eerie sounds we all here from time to time, like the creepy wind sculptures. but it’s just the sounds of tires from the road across the cove. they get distorted and make super creepy noises, day and night.

  3. I know the wind didn’t cause anything with the baseball game as Tampa Bay plays in a dome. I say it was a glitch in the microphone.

    And I think the booms sounded like blasting being done somewhere.

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