Top 10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Coffee
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You know it helps you get out of bed, but what else can this humble bean do? For this list, we’re looking at all the ways coffee can potentially improve your mental and physical health, from extending your life, to helping with headaches and losing weight! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Coffee.

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10. It May Extend Your Life
9. It Can Help Your Headaches
8. It Can Help Your Lose Weight
7. It Could Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
6. It Might Help You Avoid Parkinson’s Disease
5. It Could Prevent Strokes
4. It Can Improve Heart Health

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  1. 1. coffee boosts brain power
    2. coffee increases blood pressure
    3. coffee makes your immune system stronger
    4. coffee relieves a headache
    5. coffee reduces stress
    6. coffee improves your memory
    7. coffee helps you lose weight

  2. Just to let you know guys, is black coffee just black not all the fancy coffees that you get at the coffee shop with cream and sugar.

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