Top 10 Undertaker Matches
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The Phenom is a legend of WWE and pro wrestling in general. One of the greatest pro wrestlers in history, he’s seen contests versus Shawn Michaels, Edge, Kane, and many more. For this list we’re celebrating his career and counting down which fights and battles are the deadman’s very best. From hell in a cell matches to TLC showdowns, taker has done it all. Every tombstone, wrestlemania streak victory, and world championship win will be counted here. Rest in Peace!

#10. vs. Mankind
#9. vs. Bret Hart
#8. vs. Edge
#7. vs. Batista
#6. vs. Triple H
#5. vs. CM Punk
#4. vs. Shawn Michaels
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. My honorable mentions: vs. Stone Cold SummerSlam 1998, vs. Kane WrestleMania 14, vs. Jeff Hardy Raw 2002, vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Rock Vengeance 2002, vs. Brock Lesnar No Mercy 2002, and vs. Kurt Angle No Way Out 2006

  2. that line in the beginning, does that mean the Undertaker is a Greyjoy? “What is dead may never die”

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