Top 10 Underrated Avicii Songs
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This superstar DJ is one of EDM’s greatest. Well known for his hits “Levels” and “Wake Me Up” among others, Avicii had loads of other tracks showcasing his melodic and upbeat approach to progressive and electro house, such as “Sunshine”, “Last Dance”and “Lay Me Down”, to name a few. From Lenny Kravitz and Chris Martin to Adam Lambert and David Guetta, Avicii was also a master collaborator whose career was unfortunately cut much too short. Did your favorite Avicii song make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Make sure to check out our list of the Top 10 Avicii Songs –

#10: “Lay Me Down”
#9: “Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix)”
#8: “Can’t Catch Me”
#7: “Last Dance”
#6:”Hope There’s Someone”
#4: “Street Dancer”
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. Wake me up introduced me to him 3 years back, RIP Avicii, I wish I knew your talent for longer

  2. Can we stop with the fake praise please? Yes, it’s sad that he died but honestly his music is shit and saying he was one of the best musicians of the generation is such bullshit. If you ask me it just disrespects him rather than honor his memory. I’ve seen plenty of people say they loved his work even though couple of years ago they hated it. Honestly I never liked his music. I like Hey Brother and some of his songs are tolerable, but most of it is shit I can’t stand. And the songs that weren’t shit became overplayed shit after a week. Also, no disrespect to the guy, but we knew he was drowning his ass in alcohol and drugs, so knowing that you expected him to reach his 40s?

  3. I’m not a super fan of Avicii, I mean I love his music but I’m not obsessed and even still when I heard about his death I cried for him and his family. Suicide is so close to me and to hear he took his life made me so sad. I hope he’s at peace and that his family finds peace as well. 😓❤️

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