Top 10 Unbreakable Speedrun Records
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Gotta go fast, record breakingly fast! Well, I guess that’s obvious but whatever…Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unbreakable Speedrun Records.

#10. Xelna
#9. cheese05
#8. funkmastermp
#7. Torje
#6. jimmypoopins
#5. Ninten866
#4. CGN
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. I doubt that OoT record will hold for long (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it done in 5 minutes actually.)
    That game has been a goldmine of exploits. People are still finding tricks 20 years later.
    Oh shit… It’s 20 years old now.

    The SM64 record is far from unbreakable as well.

    • Sub 17 is getting closer to being realistic. The new GIM setup + Babahess on a god run and there’s a chance. Skater had 17:01 pace at Collapse so yeah the 17:09 won’t hold forever. Torje, Skater, Joden and Baker could bop the time.

    • There are a various of other Zelda titles which you can beat in about 5 minutes, so that could be what you remembered.

      Or the romhack “Beta Quest” where the entrances are randomized, letting you beat it very quickly with great luck:

    • I was probably remembering a TAS. It’s been years since I closely followed Zelda runs. I am still doubtful the record is unbreakable though.

    • “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it done in 5 minutes actually” Torje’s record is still the fastest one there is and there are no ways to beat it as low as 5 minutes. The fastest Tool Assisted Speedrun is 15:43 for comparision.

  2. surprised blindfolded super punchout didnt get a mention. nor the newest run being blindfolded turbo tunnel in battletoads

    • That’s called glitchess, speedruns are separated into categories. I invite you to try a speedrun sometime 🙂 What you’re referring to is called ‘Intended’ gameplay. Speedrunning itself utilizes glitches within the game/optimized routing gameplay to beat it as fast as possible.

  3. lol ive beat link to the past waaaaaaaaaaay faster with glitches, but i guess doing it legit is cool and all.. i guess..

    • There are many various categories for speedrunning ALttP (And other games…). The “Any%” category, where the WR is 1 minute and 31 seconds, is just very unpopular because of how uninteresting it is in the end.

      The main category is “Any% No Major Glitches” where a lot of various glitches are disallowed, such as the one where you are able to “walk through walls” to beat the game quickly, usually name EG – Exploration Glitch.

  4. i never really understood why speedruns are so popular. i do understand that finding those glitches takes time and a lot of them require skill to pull them off but when the ultimate goal is to use a glitch right at the begining that puts you directly to the endcredits then its not really impressive to me. this might be due to me seing the challange in the gameplay and not a way of getting around that. of all those shown, fzero impressed me the most. second would be portal coop.

    • Yeah, that’s why there are designations between “Any%” and “Any% Glitchless,” depending on whether you care about beating the game as fast as possible, or as fast as possible without glitches.

    • i get the part of beating the time of others. i like that too, but more in way of sports. let me put it like this: if theres a racing game and the world record on track A is 1min 35sec. to achieve that, you have to drive perfect, get every gear at the right moment and always take the corners at the best possible angle, then you got a record. when someone comes and sets a new record with 4 seconds, then you know that cant be achieved by normal means and when you see that the person got that time by driving into a wall and the startline, bugging out the game and displaying a “finished” endscreen, then i cant take that record seriously. i know others might, some only care about the number, i care about how you got that number. well.. taste and priorities and stuff.

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