Top 10 TV Stars Who Fell Off The Map
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Where are they now? These Television stars were once all anyone was talking about, and then suddenly they disappeared from popular TV. What happened to Jason Alexander after Seinfeld, and what is David Caruso doing now? Join WatchMojo as we take a look at the television actors that we all wondering what happened to them.

List Rank and Entries
#10. Soleil Moon Frye
#9. Lauren Ambrose
#8. Nicolette Sheridan
#7. Selma Blair
#6. Lark Voorhies
#5. Jason Alexander
#4. Heather Locklear
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: And thanks Sagalina Neeson for the great suggestion!

  2. Just because these people aren’t on TV anymore doesn’t mean they’re “off the map”. In some cases, like Jason Alexander (who went back to theater work), they just are on a different map now.

  3. Nicolette Sheridan? isn’t she the one who just appeared on the Dynasty reboot last week as its version of Alexis Carrington (and many praised her performance so far)? i guess the list must’ve been made before her episode aired..

  4. Funny how Carusso fit well that “son of Chuck Norris” style in CSI Miami (and even if that style grew on every season… somehow it worked well for the show)

  5. Attractive representation destination miynygf gather percentage male late ought mild European.

  6. After there hit shows was cancelled years ago these celebrities has disappeared or this segment should be called where are they now like Teri Hatcher,Micheal Chikils,Jay Leno,Fred Dryer,Martin Lawernce,Angie Harmon,Tyne Daly,Don Johnson,Christina Applegate,Henry Winkler,Chelsea Handler,Matt Perry,Pam Anderson,David Hasselhoff,Jaclyn Smith,David Letterman,Lorenzo Lamas,Eric Estrada,Demond Wilson,Giullana Rancic,Jason Priestley,Lee Majors,Chuck Norris,David Soul,Phillp Micheal Thomas,Angie Dickinson,Paul Micheal Gleaser,Matt Le Blanc,David Schwimmer,Dawn Wells,Tina Louise and Jerry Sinfield most of these stars with there TV shows are off the air they been forgotten but they can make a comeback maybe next season on Dancing with the Stars.

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