Nothing was ever the same after these turning points in TV series. Sometimes, one small moment is enough to alter the course of a show. Be it the arrival of a character, the death of a character, or a twist nobody saw coming, these are the moments that forever changed the game. WatchMojo ranks the biggest turning points in TV series. What do you think was the most crucial TV show turning point? Let us know in the comments!

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10: Negan’s Arrival
9: Elliot’s Father Is Dead
8: The True Nature of the Good Place
7: Claire Becomes President
6: Bernard Is a Host
5: The Death of Maude Flanders
4: The First Doctor Regenerates into the Second Doctor
3, 2 & 1: ?

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  1. My Best Personal Favorite RWBY Character is Blake Belladonna.
    Blake Belladonna is my Great/Best/Awesome Heroine of All Time.
    I Love RWBY Volume 6
    Blake Belladonna Not A Coward but Cardin Winchester and His Team CRDL (Russel Thrush, Dove Bronzewing & Sky Lark), Raven Branwen and Leonardo Lionheart Are.
    I Love Her.
    I Like Her.
    I’m Huge Fan of Her.
    Fuck Hates.
    No One Is Perfect.
    People Aren’t Perfect.
    Adam Taurus Lied To Blake Belladonna in First Place for Real His Doing or His True Motive.
    Adam Taurus is Worst Villain of All Time.
    Adam Taurus is Worst RWBY Character of All Time.
    Adam Taurus is Lied, Abuse, Asshole, Jerkass, Hypocrite, Pure Evil, Not Tragic Villain, Not Woobie, Not Woobie the Destroyer of World, Not Cool, Not Sexy, Not Freudian Excuse or No Loyalty But To Himself not Like Other’s RWBY Villain (Salem, Neo Politan, Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai, Tyrian Callows & Hazel Rainart) & Complete Monster Villain.
    First one is Cinder Fall.
    He is a Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist.
    Fuck All Adam Taurus Fan To Ulitmate Hell.
    I Fuck Hates RWBY Volume 5 So Much
    I Fuck Hates RWBY Volume 4 So Much.
    Fuck All Blake Belladonna Hates To Ulitmate Hell.
    I Fuck Hate Vexed Viewer So Much for His being Jerkass About My Favorite RWBY Character is Blake Belladonna.
    I fuck Hates FNDM So Much For Their Being Jerkass About My Favorite RWBY Character is Blake Belladonna.
    I Fuck Hate Fandom and FanBase of RWBY So Much for Their Being Jerkass About Her Character is Blake Belladonna and They are Huge Jerk & They Ruin Series (RWBY) Not Bumbleby and Rooster Teeth.

  2. The Walking Dead has dug its own grave when the show did that terrible season 6 cliffhanger and after that, the show lost most of its audience & has definitely jumped the shark.

  3. How could u not put the 100 season 5 finale last scene? They found an entire new planet. That changes everything except the characters and their relationships

  4. You messed the description up. You put doctor who (number 3) at number 4 but the video had breaking bad at number 4

  5. You had me racking my brains about what you meant by “Time Jump” in the BSG Honorble Mention just because you chose a clip of an actual jump to accompany it.

  6. Jeez, Lost premiered 15 years ego (!!!) and still one of the best TV shows EVER! Legendary genius classic.

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