Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! You know when you hand over that five spot to the clown that smells like Old Spice and whiskey and you know you’re not going to win that oversized SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable hanging in the tent? Carnival games are intended to be difficult and stack the odds against you, but they aren’t impossible. In fact, we have a few tips and tricks for you that, well, quite frankly aren’t going to make us any friends in the carnival circuit.

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10. Basket Toss
9. Water-Gun Game
8. Milk Bottle Toss
7. Show Your Strength
6. Shooting Star
5. Ring-Toss
4. Whac-A-Mole
3. Basketball Toss
2. Flukey Ball
1. Balloon Darts


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  1. You know, international human rights laws don’t apply to carnies. Hint hint, serial killers.

  2. Love playing darts. To tell you how rigged the games are my bf was a champ dart player, he had won many a contest. So when we went to the carnival I wanted a dragon stuffed toy. First shot he missed, yes, he missed. He noticed the tips were very dull but in the end I got my stuffed dragon. Hevrefuses to go to carnivals & rather buy me them. Lol

  3. I’ve never really enjoyed Fun Fairs. I only used to go to take my younger brother and sister.

    • I’m the same way.. I have more fun watching people have fun, than actually having it..

  4. Are you suggesting that carnies try to cheat….I don’t believe it. Thanks Jim, nice video.

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