Top 10 Tragic Celebrity Stories
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Being famous isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Troubled celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston have lived tragic lives, despite incredible fame and fortune. WatchMojo is counting down 10 celebrities with sad life stories.

Check out our video of the Top 10 Tragic Celebrity Childhoods You Won’t Believe:

#10: Corey Feldman
#9: Lindsay Lohan
#8: Marlon Brando
#7: Jennifer Hudson
#6: Gary Coleman
#5: Whitney Houston
#4: Anna Nicole Smith
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. What about Keanu Reeves? Back in 1999 his daughter was stillborn just a few weeks prior to due date, they planned calling her Ava Reeves. And about two years later his partner Jennifer Syme was killed in a car accident. And can’t forget to mention his best friend River Phoenix died in a drug overdose when he was only 23. Also heard that his sister got leukemia and he donated 70% of the money he earned from the Matrix movies to hospitals and foundations that specializes in leukemia.

  2. Where’s daisy Ridley, who appeared In prominent indie films then ruined Star Wars with her drug habits

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