Top 10 Times People Broke Into Prison
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Usually inmates who are locked up behind bars count down the days until they are finally released back into society. But for a small percentage of the population, some people feel compelled to break into prison. I don’t understand this, it’s not like Prisons have a good reputation for the food or bedding. It’s like trying to break into a sketchy motel with bed bugs, it’s something that should never happen. But here we have some people who decided to throw their freedom away and break into prison.

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  1. Ok..I just have to say this; the sister who went into the prison to “break her brother out”…in my honest opinion I don’t think that was *ever* the plan. She called 911, then tried to smash windows everyone knows are smash proof to make enough sound to give her away. Finally she asked to be locked up. This shows a pattern of someone who absolutely knew her brother was getting out, and his sister was trying to stop that from happening. Maybe she turned him in to begin with. Maybe he was hurting people. She knew he needed to stay put. I’m sure she wanted to say he was telling her to break him out and that she was refusing to go along with it…and then when he didn’t get any extended time she escalated to the point she gave in and said “Please arrest *me* .” to probably keep herself safe from him, and out of his reach. It’s only a theory. I have no proof of this except speculation. That speculation leads me to believe these were more than likely desperate acts on her part.

  2. Idk. I was living in a car for a week during a blizzard and I would have preferred jail…at least it would be warm. “/

  3. Prisoners in American Prisons at least get a roof over their head, meals, and are generally taken care of better than the homeless populations of people who’ve done nothing wrong. Healthcare, too. Seriously, America is super fucked up.

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