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We still can’t believe that Hollywood has produced so many bad video game movies, but here we are. These are just a few instances of really bad video game movie adaptations. From Max Payne to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Super Mario Bros to Assassin’s Creed, making a great video game movie seems to be an impossible feat for the movie industry. What do you think is the worst video game movie?

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  1. what is crazy about the Double Dragon movie is they filmed a bunch of it here in Cleveland Ohio and the villain of the movies HQ was really Tower City Downtown and they just sup’ed it up no lie

  2. The 2005 doom movie wasn’t that bad, the 2019 one looks like a shitshow compared to that

  3. 0:03 ? I think that one day came last month with a movie that involved a talking CG character and a live action cop and oh what was that movies title again? Oh yeah Pokemon: Detective Pikachu !
    9:28 just wait till Sonic the hedgehog in 2020.

  4. If Silent Hill Revelations didn’t make number 1 or 2…. or was rather completely ignored, then I can’t take this list seriously at all.

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