Top 10 Times Companies Took a Stance
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Good business doesn’t always mean putting your politics aside. For this list, we’re looking at corporations that made their position on a social or political issue known through advertising and/or major actions. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Times Companies Took a Stance.

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10. ‘Taking a Knee’ (2018)
9. “We Believe” (2019)
8. “Touch of Care” (2017)
7. 10, 000 Immigrants, Vets & Spouses (201718)
6. SameSex Health Benefits (1996)
5. “Daughter” (2017)
4. Defunding the Boy Scouts (1992)

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  1. The video is a list of companies who made a decision to take a stand, not saying we agree or disagree with any of them. I’d say even within the company, there are people who agree with some, disagree with others. Personally I am always floored when people who supposedly aren’t offended by anything are offended by… an ad… or worse, a list 🙂 –

    • Might wanna reword the title then.

      Besides “companies taking a stand” isn’t a thing,its companies engaging in politics to sell you crap-they almost never have principles and the ulterior motive is always the product

    • Thomas Boland that they don’t agree or disagree with the stances, but in the same breath chastise those who do have an opinion? That’s just hypocrisy, not double speak

  2. “Get Woke, Go Broke”… 2k dislikes so far? WM, I’m a long time subscriber, and if your going to shill for SJW, identity politics, and virtue signalling, you be finding your channel coming to a quick end.

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